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Get extra 5% to the existing discounts when booking via website!
Get extra 5% to the existing discounts when booking via website!
For those who value time and every minute in the circle of their family, relatives or friends, Villa in Odessa can become an ideal decision of good pastime in the resort, especially because modern elite accommodation in Odessa features luxurious forms and the most modern facilities.

The hotels of Odessa opened their doors to politicians, diplomats, writers, poets, musicians and actors. All of them had the possibility to feel the unique aroma of the city and estimate the hospitality of inhabitants of Odessa at its true worth.

Luxurious five-star hotel in Odessa with a swimming pool, the highest level of service and its own restaurant is always glad to offer all the best to couples in love.

Most of the hotels in Odessa (and not because of rates) faithfully perform the role of hospitable hosts, offering its guests not only comfortable accommodation but a truly warm and friendly welcome.

The best Odessa hotels open their doors to visitors, attracting them by the diversity and high level of service. Odessa can be definitely called the European city.

What hotels in Odessa can be considered the best? It all depends on the sense of this phrase, because the notion of "best" is quite subjective. Most likely the best hotels in Odessa are those that repeatedly actually confirmed their aspirations to provide quality services and who hold their positions at the expense of satisfied customers.

Among hotels of Odessa by the sea there is one pearl and its name is – Villa le Premier. This chic five-star hotel of luxury class is a world of impeccable service and luxury for discerning guests.

In the hotels of Odessa prices reach a peak during the holiday season and decrease in the off-season and winter months. Thus, even not very rich travelers can afford to choose luxury hotels in Odessa at prices that are offered in low season and enjoy their refined atmosphere and European service.

Hotels of Odessa by the sea in Arcadia or near it are highly rated among tourists. Villa le Premier offers a great vacation on the coast, and on the territory of the hotel.

Hotels with pools in Odessa are not only a matter of prestige and a high level of comfort. If the sea water is cool, you can always bathe in the pool and not miss precious vacation days waiting for the mercy of nature.

Current private Odessa hotels have different formats - mini, boutique, business, resort, apartment and others. Odessa private hotels are cozy, modern and comfortable establishments, which take into account the main rules of welcoming arriving guests.

Nowadays private hotels in Odessa are cozy and quite comfortable establishments. Modern conditions dictate more refined rules of the game in the hotel business.

The best accommodation is 5 star hotels in Odessa. Together with comfort and coziness they offer maximum achievements of modern civilization. They are the real pride of Odessa hotel service and demonstrate the best traditions of hospitality, which were formed in Odessa initially.