Restaurant De le Mar

Restaurant De le Mar invites its guests to have a gastronomical travel into the world of delicious European cuisine. Experts and connoisseurs of original Odessa recipes won’t be left aside at this celebration of taste sensations.

You can eat in the restaurant, which has its own style and magnificent charm. But if you’re a romantic person, who enjoys having dinner in the fresh air far from the fuss, two terraces with Jerusalem marble and view on pool are always at your service.

Chef of restaurant De le Mar, known not only in Ukraine, but on the Azure Coast for his dishes, which are prepared with delicate sauces and dainty garnish, recommends to have meal gradually going on to the main course. So, due to proper sequence and combining products, eating three or five dishes you will leave the table with the feeling of lightness. As accompaniment, you’ll be offered a wonderful choice of wines and great blends of cognac that will make your evening more pleasant and unforgettable. The glitter of covers, nobleness of interior – everything will create the natural atmosphere, serving as a perfect background for pleasant leisure and communication without hurry.

Free and easy atmosphere, charm of classical interior and perfect service will make your rest colorful, bright and unforgettable.

Relaxed atmosphere, the charm of classic interior forms impeccable service – will make you stay colorful and unforgettable.