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Гостиница Villa le Premier, г. Одесса

Honeymoon in Odessa: hotel with a swimming pool, Teschin Bridge and a musical fountain

Wedding is one of the most important and memorable events in the life of two loving people. And lovers want a sense of celebration and happiness will never end... No wonder after the wedding comes the honeymoon; it is the time when you can go on a honeymoon journey. Exciting joint trip for lovers is a great start to a new family relationships and an excellent opportunity to be alone with each other.

Undoubtedly, the wedding journey is unlike any other trip, because it is steeped in romance, tenderness and sensuality. That is why, many people dream to go abroad for new and unknown things and feelings during honeymoon. But sometimes it so happens that the circumstances do not allow you to go too far. Do not worry because of this, you can spend honeymoon in Ukraine, for example, in Odessa. And now some details of it.

Honeymoon in Odessa: hotel with a swimming pool, Teschin Bridge and a musical fountain

Odessa is one of the most visited Ukrainian cities. It could easily be romantic, if you get to know about it a little more in advance and visit those places where it is especially nice to be with someone you love. Teschin Bridge, with the incredible amount of evidence of eternal love; city garden where you can find a bronze tree covered with hearts and a beautiful musical fountain; the square of the Palais-Royal with a marble statue of Cupid and Psyche, Marine passenger terminal, the Ferris wheel in Shevchenko Park - this is an incomplete list of places which lovers should necessarily visit.

Odessa hotels with swimming pool, sauna, SPA and other attributes of romance

Walking among the "love" attractions, yet it should be remembered that the honeymoon is not a marathon, but gentle, romantic and sensual pastime. So you need to take care about a love nest in advance. It is advisable to choose a good hotel in Odessa with a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, SPA-salon etc., so that honeymoon vacation would give unforgettable moments of positivity and Wellness relaxation.

And also we should not forget that Odessa is a seaside town, so the local romance is impossible without the sea. Even if you stay in Odessa hotel with a swimming pool, proximity to the beach and beach activities won’t make worse, especially if the honeymoon coincides with the high season. The resort zones of Odessa offer a lot of possibilities to have a good time. Walks along the promenade, yachting, night swimming under the moon, discos, cafes, bars and restaurants - all this, of course, will make "honey" days in Odessa brighter.

Romantic holiday in Villa le Premier

The perfect place for a romantic rest for two lovers is the hotel Villa le Premier. Luxurious five-star hotel in Odessa with a swimming pool, the highest level of service and its own restaurant is always glad to offer all the best to couples in love. For honeymooners there is a special offer - discount on accommodation.

All luxury rooms at Villa le Premier have refined interiors, exceptional comfort and functionality. Rooms are divided into living and sleeping areas with a big double bed. All apartments have a balcony or terrace with sea view or pool where you can enjoy the sun or relax with a cup of coffee. The price includes Breakfast "A la Carte", prepared with only fresh and natural products, with a wide range of hot drinks, fresh juices and delicious fresh pastries. Service in rooms is on a very high level.

The hotel Villa le Premier is one of the most elite hotels of Odessa. The pool in the middle of the marble yard is a real gem and a favorite place of relaxation for all guests. Those who came to stay alone, will appreciate the ambiance. In the daytime here you can sunbathe on the comfortable loungers, and in the evening enjoy a romantic setting. Relaxed music, professional service of the restaurant staff, the beauty of landscape design in combination with the splendor of marble terraces gently sloping down their levels to the pool gleaming in the evening gloom will provide loving hearts a feeling of privacy and intimacy.

Honeymoon in Odessa: hotel with a swimming pool, Teschin Bridge and a musical fountain

Besides Villa le Premier features for a young couple (and not only for them) an elegant bar on the summer lounge terrace, which offers interesting cocktails, delicious snacks and confections from a chef. Here in the soft zone you can sit with a glass of wine, enjoying the peace or organize romantic candlelight dinner with pleasant music.

And although Villa le Premier is a hotel in Odessa with a swimming pool, it has an excellent coastal location - 50 meters from the sea and a few minutes walk to the famous beach of Arcadia. This means that all the amenities of the resort town are right here.

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