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Hotels in Odessa are always happy to welcome guests

Speaking of Odessa, automatically you recall a phrase from a famous film by Leonid Gaiday "Caucasian captive" that the Caucasus is a forge, granary, and the resort! If this phrase is filled with a new meaning approximately the same thing can be said about Odessa, because this seaside town unites all these things at the same time being both a famous cultural center - a forge of humor, and South trading gate of Ukraine, which "feeds" the country, and the popular Black sea resort.

Hotels in Odessa are always happy to welcome guests

Thanks to this versatility, Odessa is one of the most visited Ukrainian cities. The tradition of hospitality that has always existed here, now has a modern interpretation, and hospitality business is developing very intensively. Different people: celebrities, businessmen, representatives of international companies, traders and tourists come to Odessa with different goals. And all of them need to find affordable housing according to their status. Hotels of Odessa open their doors to welcome guests!

Odessa generously shares everything it has with people: echoes of history, unique local dialect, brilliant humor, beauty of avenues and boulevards, the lapping of waves and boundless optimism and cheerfulness. At any time of the year there are a lot of things to see and places where to go. A large number of architectural treasures and historical monuments, museums and theatres, the colorful markets and port areas, and of course beautiful beaches with a developed infrastructure and a wide program of holiday entertainment exist in great number in Odessa.

This seaside city with a special atmosphere gives so many positive emotions that you cannot resist the temptation to stay here longer. Therefore, if fate gives you a chance to visit Odessa, it is important that nothing will ruin the staying here, and that’s why the choice of place of residence should be seriously made. A good hotel with comfortable conditions of staying will be a bonus to the beautiful holiday on the coast of South Palmyra. The number of hotels in Odessa is rather large and it is very important to make the right choice. There are two criteria that will help to make this task easier. The first is the purpose of the trip, and the second is the desired level of comfort.

If the purpose of your visit to Odessa is a walk around the city and exploring its attractions, it would be wise to choose hotels of Odessa in the centre or with easy access to public transport. If you want to bask in the sun and swim in the sea it will be more convenient to stay in hotels close to the sea. And those who go for work or on a business trip more likely will follow their criteria. It’s good that today all the details of staying in Odessa hotels can be found out in advance.

Through the Internet you can find any information: choose the hotel and the room, see pictures, learn the list of basic and additional services, see the location on a map and read commentaries of people who have already taken advantage of the services offered. Besides today it is possible not only to contact the hotel staff but even to book a room without leaving home.

Hotels in Odessa: from budget to luxury

There are almost one and a half hundred of hotels in Odessa. Among such diversity it is always possible to choose one, as they say to one’s taste and a purse. Budget hotels of Odessa, as a rule, rely on availability and are not burdened by a large set of services. A roof over a head and minimal comfort here is what is usually offered to unassuming tourists. Hotels of Odessa, of the so-called middle level are often more comfortable accommodations with a fairly comfortable environment and a good service.

The rates usually vary depending on location, so for the same price you can rent either a spacious, modern room or a modest one. As in any big city, where business activity is bustling, hotels of business class are especially popular in Odessa. No wonder that with each passing year their number is growing more, because they are designed for business people who want to have the service of the European level. It’s a pleasure to stay in such hotels and wealthy tourists who are used to a comfortable life and are not willing to change their habits come to stay here.

However, the best accommodation is 5 star hotels in Odessa. Together with comfort and coziness they offer maximum achievements of modern civilization. They are the real pride of Odessa hotel service and demonstrate the best traditions of hospitality, which were formed in Odessa initially.

Hotels in Odessa are always happy to welcome guests

These hotels in Odessa are partly from the "Treasury "of architectural masterpieces designed by famous architects in 18-19 centuries. After a masterful restoration, they again demonstrate all of their splendor and modern equipment increases their status greatly. New hotels of Odessa also keep their brand. Many of them where built in the last decades and they took into account all the European standards of service.

Let’s not be embarrassed and recognize that not all tourists visiting the city can afford expensive hotels of Odessa. They are really hotels of the highest level. Of course, the prices they offer are high. But Odessa is always visited by a great number of affluent audiences; therefore, the demand on the elite offers has always been and still is. Odessa Mother is ready to satisfy the demands of the most discerning guests. Ultra-modern five-star hotel Villa le Premier is a direct confirmation of this.

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