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Hotels in Odessa by the sea: you will be in the epicenter of the resort area of Odessa

You have decided to go for a holiday to the Black sea coast, but you don't like simply lying on the beach. Then come to Odessa - the southern capital of Ukraine - the glorious and attractive in all respects city. Full of attractions, with a friendly atmosphere and a special color it will meet you with wide arms, and will leave unforgettable impressions. But still, the main pearl of Odessa is the Black sea.

Hotels in Odessa by the sea

So, if you intend to have a resort relaxes and not the active study of monuments of history and culture, pay special attention to the hotels of Odessa by the sea. If you rent a room in one of these hotels, you will get several advantages:

  1. Firstly, you won’t have to get to the beach by public transport, exhausted from the summer heat and the scorching southern sun.
  2. Secondly, choosing one of the hotels in Odessa by the sea, at any time of the day you will be able to see the vast sea, to enjoy the beautiful pictures of the sunrise and sunset and swim in the sea when you want.
  3. Thirdly, accommodation near the sea coast will benefit to your health. The air is saturated with ions, as well as the whole set of wholesome substances that will contribute to a healthier body and provide a calming effect on the psyche.
  4. And, finally, living by the sea, you will be in the epicenter of the resort area of Odessa.

The popular resort area of Odessa

Like any seaside town, Odessa has a sturdy, well-equipped beach area with a rich infrastructure, numerous entertainment venues, establishments of public catering and trade, as well as less equipped resort areas, which are also used as the beaches by local residents and tourists.

One of the most famous beach resort areas of Odessa is called Arcadia. It is translated from Greek as "Paradise" and it should be noted that the region is fully corresponds to its name. The rest here is so carefree and diverse that it is really like staying at the Eden gardens.

Hotels of Odessa by the sea in Arcadia or near it are highly rated among tourists. In high season it is more crowded here than in the city centre. And it is because this place is really the perfect place to relax. First, unlike most of the beaches of Odessa, Arcadia has a natural gentle slope to the sea and a sandy beach, and secondly, if you want to plunge into the atmosphere of unbridled fun there is no need to move somewhere, the night life is in full swing. Trendy restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and most glamorous venues are located in Arcadia.

Luxury hotel Villa le Premier is in 10-minutes walk from Arcadia and just in 50 meters from the sea. Being a bright representative of the chic hotels of Odessa by the sea of LUXURY class, Villa le Premier offers a great vacation on the coast, and on the territory of the hotel.

Right behind Arcadia beach, beach resort area of Big Fountain begins. It is a wide stretch of sandy beaches, each of which has its own name ("Seagull", "Resort" and “Gold coast"). The region is quite actively improving. Now along the coast there is a vast range of hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers, cafes, restaurants, and clubs. In these parts wealthy citizens build luxurious villas and holidaymakers who prefer hotels in Odessa by the sea gladly rent housing.

Hotels in Odessa by the sea

In Odessa there are also beaches in the Central part of it. Of course they also contribute to the overall background of resort life. For example, a fairly popular beach "Langeron" is next to the Shevchenko Park. Recently a new promenade with colored fountains, palm trees, comfortable benches, flower beds and well-equipped slopes to the water has been opened here. Entrance to the beach is free and now everyone can enjoy the sea and sun, and the benefits of civilization.

No matter which beach you will choose, and in which hotel in Odessa by the sea you will stop, the main thing is that the days spent in such a remarkable place, will give you a lot of fun, great cheerfulness and optimism. It’s because Odessa and the inhabitants of Odessa generously share all this with every guest.

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