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Private rented housing is an alternative to Odessa hotels: prices and conditions

Any tourist planning a trip to Odessa has to decide where to stay. What is the best place to stay in Odessa? Usually you have to choose between the private accommodation and hotels of Odessa. Rates in this case are not always the determining factor, there are other important points that need to be taken into account when selecting temporary residence.

The most popular types of accommodation for tourists are to rent apartments from private persons and reservations of rooms in the hotels. Both are widely presented in Odessa, because all the year-round port city receives visitors - its citizens and foreigners. Both options have their pros and cons. We propose to look at them in more detail.

Private rented housing is an alternative to Odessa hotels: prices and conditions

Full independence or freedom from household chores

In the first case, the tenant gets the apartment in use for a certain period and with a specified set of facilities, furniture and equipment. He also has the opportunity to have a kitchen and its equipment at his own disposal at any time and at its sole discretion. If necessary there is always a stocked refrigerator, stove, kettle, utensils, etc. In such conditions it is possible to cook your favorite dishes, invite guests, listen to your favorite music etc.

Full independence and personal freedom are the absolute advantage of the rented housing. At the same time all Odessa hotels with the modes of arrival, stay and food and room rates, even if they are high enough, do not provide 100% freedom of action on its territory.

At the same time, if on vacation or on a business trip there is no desire or ability to engage in household life, Odessa hotels, with prices to suit any taste are ready to release his client from everyday house chores. Housekeeping, regular linen change, repair of household appliances, solving any problems - all this is included in the price. In modern hotels this set is usually supplemented with Breakfast, Internet access, Parking, telephone, satellite TV and other amenities.

If desired, the level of comfort can be further improved. For example, for additional price you can order regular meals, washing and Ironing of personal belongings, use of bar, safe etc.

Homely atmosphere or state house

Some travelers used to believe that the situation in rented apartments is more close to home, while hotel rooms always have public taste. It is not so. Cozy home atmosphere is very subjective and variable and hardly depends on the presence of carpets, the presence of imported furniture, the color of the wallpaper and the number of towels in the bathroom. You can feel good and comfortable when it is evident that a guest is being waited for and everybody is really happy to see him. Most of the hotels in Odessa (and not because of rates) faithfully perform the role of hospitable hosts, offering its guests not only comfortable accommodation but a truly warm and friendly welcome.

Benefit or savings

To rent a separate apartment in Odessa is convenient and economical, if you go on vacation or informative tour in a cohesive team or family. First, money rent is cheaper, and secondly, at any time, you can gather together to share impressions and to discuss plans. But this is not an option, if all members of the group wish to be more independent from each other and to have personal space. Accommodation in the same hotel, but in different rooms easily solves this problem. In addition, the "wholesale" settlement often have reduced tariffs.

Private rented housing is an alternative to Odessa hotels: prices and conditions

It should also be noted that during the low season hotels in Odessa make rates and booking conditions more favorable for all customers. Therefore, in the case of visiting the "city of the comedians" from November to May there is a real opportunity to rent the most luxurious room at a reasonable price. Even when choosing to stay in hotels in Odessa with prices above average, it is very profitable to do early booking or booking through the website, and also to use promotional and special offers.

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