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Hotels in Odessa Ukraine

Odessa is not a usual city. From the moment of its appearance it has always attracted everybody’s attention as a trading port and as the city of unique atmosphere and coloring. During the rapid development and building under the charge of Admiral de Ribas the city attracted actively financial and human capital. It turned very quickly from unremarkable Khadgibey into the beautiful sea city with the great number of visitors, who needed temporary accommodation.

Hotels in Odessa and the industry of hospitality

The first hotels in Odessa Ukraine couldn’t boast their luxury, but they had all necessary things for tired travelers: separate rooms, a kitchen, a common dining-room, parking for coaches and a stable. But the city continued to grow, developed more and more and in the long run became a popular resort and the number of visitors grew even more. The public became more demanding. Hotels in Odessa couldn’t meet the demands of all guests wishing to go there.

The necessity of the development of hotel business and the industry of hospitality became evident and the pressing need. Thus the whole constellation of new hotels appeared in Odessa with first class rooms and high quality service, their own restaurants, shops and salons.

The pearl by the sea was by the great number of celebrities. The hotels of Odessa opened their doors to politicians, diplomats, writers, poets, musicians and actors. All of them had the possibility to feel the unique aroma of the city and estimate the hospitality of inhabitants of Odessa at its true worth.

The hotels in Odessa at the turn of the century

It’s necessary to say that trade and human services have always been prosperous in the south Palmira, bringing the official income into the Treasury and not little profits to the local inhabitants. Letting housing, owing inns and hotels in Odessa were considered to be the profitable business because of a great number of visitors.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries the official amount of hotels was about 50. The buildings of many of them have survived till now and they complement the historic character of Odessa being the real architectural masterpieces. The first hotels of Odessa today not only are its common heritage, but also they proudly named the title cards of the city.

The transition from the 20th century to the 21st century was marked by the new at burst of tourist industry. The old hotels of Odessa received the second birth, and the new ones became their worthy competitors in the struggle for love and devotion of clients. Today Odessa has the unlimited choice of places for living and rest to all tastes. Big network of hotels, modern business hotels, boutique hotels, guest houses, mini-hotels, private cottages, villas – are not the complete list of establishments which offer their services of staying in Odessa.

Hotels in Odessa and the industry of hospitality

And it’s necessary to say that present hotels of Odessa Ukraine try to attract guests by something bigger than simply comfortable staying. In addition to the standard set of services on the territory of a hotel the holidaymakers have possibility to use a swimming-pool, parking, game zones, rest zones, services of restaurants, bars, spa-salons etc. As a bonus such advantages as the hotel’s location near the sea and near the main sightseeing, a beautiful view from the window, tasty meals, professional staff and something else are offered to the guests.

We can say that the art of hospitality in Odessa is not only business, it’s the point of honor. Being the European city with ancient tradition of hospitality, this city – legend has everything necessary to bear the honor of one of the best cities in Ukraine.

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