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Гостиница Villa le Premier, г. Одесса

Hotels of Odessa with a swimming pool is always a winning variant of rest

It should be noted that hotels with a swimming pool are very popular today as never before. Many Ukrainians and citizens of the Union of independent States countries, visiting foreign resorts, have already appreciated all the advantages of hotels with pools.

Odessa, as a rapidly developing resort town, also strives to keep pace with modern trends and offers more and more often, among other things, this attribute is comfortable rest.

Hotels of Odessa with a private pool is a special class of hotel establishments

Hotels of Odessa with a swimming pool is always a winning variant of rest

Rest on the highest level, as a rule, involves not only a comfortable accommodation, but also provides a number of additional services, including a highly desirable one – it is the presence of a private pool or even several ones on the territory of the hotel.

Good and spacious pool is a vivid testimony of respectability of the hotel establishments of the city. After all, even not all 4 and 5 star hotels of the city can afford to equip and keep a pool. And many holidaymakers, selecting expensive hotels, wish to have a high level of service, not lower than abroad. No wonder, the wealthy guests of the southern capital gladly choose hotels in Odessa with pools, relying here on a decent quality of services provided.

Comfortable rest in the hotel near the pool

The pool gives the hotel an extra plus for attracting tourists. First, in high season, often on the Odessa beaches there are very many people. Both local people and visitors in the hot days come closer to the water and the rest on the crowded beaches is not desirable at all. Secondly, the weather in Odessa even in summer can be unstable and unpredictable, and the water in the sea can become lower by several degrees. All these factors undoubtedly affect the quality of rest and the mood of the visitors.

But the accommodation in the hotel of Odessa with a pool solves all these problems. Pool water is rapidly heated naturally by the sun or, more often, specially heated, and this means that if the sea water is cool, you can always bathe in the pool and not miss precious vacation days waiting for the mercy of nature. And if you do not want to go in the heat to the crowded beach, you can always stay near the pool. Here you can spend a stuffy evening, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and the hotel services.

Hotels with pools in Odessa are not only a matter of prestige and a high level of comfort. There is another advantage of choosing one of these institutions; the guest of South Palmyra can open the holiday season much earlier than everyone else in the city. Because already from the beginning of May the weather in Odessa gives pleasure because of fine sunny days, though to speak about swimming in the sea is too early, of course there are always such brave people who can take a dip into the sea.

As to late autumn, often October and November are quite warm, but the cold currents in the Black sea stubbornly indicate the end of the bathing season. In this case, again, the hotels in Odessa with pools provide the ability to extend all the pleasures of resort activities including swimming in the warm and pleasant water. But hotels with indoor pools work in the mode of the Black sea resort all the year round.

What other pros have hotels with pools in Odessa? First of all, this is an opportunity to relax without leaving the hotel complex even without any good reason. That is because the pool of modern hotels is not just the capacity for swimming; this is a detail of the interior, a place for relaxation, romantic dates, outdoor activities and entertainment for children and adults. They have first class facilities and a very comfortable atmosphere.

Fashionable design, exotic plants, statues, waterfalls, fountains, grottoes, small bridges, various lights and music - all for customers’ satisfaction. Here you can gather for a party, organize a themed party or just go for a walk before going to sleep. There are a lot of variants of interesting activities in Odessa hotels with swimming pools.

Villa le Premier is a luxurious hotel in Odessa with a swimming pool

Hotels of Odessa with a swimming pool is always a winning variant of rest

If you want to relax in Odessa in the hotel with a pool, you have hit the mark. In the separate complex of the hotel Villa le Premier***** there are two outdoor heated swimming pools for guests – one for everybody and one on the territory of the villa. The pool (20^7) in a cozy yard of the hotel is a favorite place of recreation for all guests, both in the daytime and in the evening.

The restaurant staff provides service around the pool and is always ready to offer soft drinks, desserts and snacks. Easy relaxing music, comfortable chairs, the beauty of landscape design in combination with the splendor of marble terraces create the atmosphere of comfort and refined luxury near the pool, which is highly appreciated by our visitors.

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