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Private hotels of Odessa: from the first to modern ones

When from a small settlement Khadgebey with the population of 2.5 thousand people Odessa grew up in the port city with a population of 9 thousand people, it became clear that the city would exist. And the southern geographical location has determined its fate. Due to the fact that it was the major sea port "at the crossroads" and the seaside town, the trade and services sectors became the main mission of Odessa.

Private hotels of Odessa: from the first to modern ones

The development of private hotel business in Odessa

In the period of its formation Odessa attracted many different people. Rich investors, industrialists, businessmen, laborers and artisans came here with the purpose of the construction of the city. Little later noble and wealthy persons rushed to the young town-resort. As a result, in the early nineteenth century Odessa was already known throughout the Russian Empire and beyond it.

Thanks to raging energy and the presence of large financial flows here, this southern town has become a favorite place for romantics and adventurers .Both honorable citizens and bandits and rebels of different kinds came here as tourists. For some people Odessa has become a second home, for others- a source of inspiration, for the third -a place for easy enrichment.

It was a period of rapid Odessa migration and resort activity that became the beginning of the hotel business in South Palmyra. Renting their own homes by the Odessa inhabitants, and later the appearance of the first private hotels of Odessa with their own restaurants, salons and shops, marked the formation of a hospitality industry. A large number of visitors needed housing, food, recreation, entertainment, and enterprising citizens of Odessa did not wait” for the weather by the sea”. They began to act.

Since the time when wealthy people began to invest in the construction of private hotels of Odessa, the city's appearance began to change. Almost all of them were designed by foreign architects and represented the pinnacle of practicality and creativity. They harmonically blended into the appearance of the city then, and today continue to delight by their forms, giving Odessa a special charm. Some of them have not lost their function and continue to welcome guests.

We can say that the hotel industry of Odessa began its life together with the birth of the city and quickly became its integral part. After the October revolution and the nationalization of housing, Odessa hotel Fund was significantly enriched by the rich estates of Odessa, and in recent years, is constantly expanded by building new private hotels of Odessa.

The modern appearance of private hotels of Odessa

Today, the southern capital of Ukraine continues to develop in all areas, becoming a European city and a resort. It concerns the hospitality business as well, because new and new objects appear on its arena. Current private Odessa hotels have different formats - mini, boutique, business, resort, apartment and others. But the name is not so important, the main thing is that their presence gives an alternative, and this means that each visitor of Odessa-Mother can choose his "perfect" option.

Private hotels of Odessa: from the first to modern ones

Mostly, Odessa private hotels are cozy, modern and comfortable establishments, which take into account the main rules of welcoming arriving guests. Depending on the level and price policy they can be both simple, not burdened by status, value for money and luxury five-star hotels with the European quality of service and a refined interior. In an effort to take their place under the sun, some are highlighted by affordable prices, others by their own style and identity in the interior, the third – by the quality of service and personalized approach to each guest.

Finally, it should be said that the resort hospitality is a special story. The city is visited by tourists and holidaymakers with different needs and different financial capabilities, that’s why the range of services and the level of service should be as flexible and diverse as possible. The decision to return here again depends on the fact what impression the visitor will get from the rest. And it is very important for Odessa with its private hotels and other establishments!

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