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Гостиница Villa le Premier, г. Одесса

The best hotels in Odessa are...

Odessa is a colorful, versatile and unique city. Being quite young , it had become a legend, sung in verse and prose. Its history has left its mark on the way of life, speech, and character of the inhabitants and became frozen in its architectural appearance forever. Plus, the resort intonation added colors to this palette. And all this mixing of paints today is the visiting card of the city-pearl - charismatic and endlessly appealing.

The best hotels in Odessa

No wonder that the best of everything is concentrated here. The best humor, the best festivals,the best clubs, the best restaurants and the best hotels in Odessa are well-known far beyond its borders. Odessa Mother is so rich and generous that it enjoys sharing all that it has with you.

In his time Vladimir Vysotsky had dedicated a song to this glorious city, writing on behalf of Odessa inhabitant:

There is everything in Odessa: sea songs,
Port Boulevard and a lot of stairs,
Crabs, oysters, acacia, Maisons Shante
Yes, our town is thriving,
But in Odessa one tiny thing is missing –
It’s a variety theatre.

Today it is difficult to imagine what is missing in Odessa. And a variety theatre, if desired, can also be found. But that's not the point, the thing is that the words of Vladimir Vysotsky are still relevant today as they were many years ago, because they clearly convey the feeling of fullness of Odessa life, and this is exactly what impresses most of all in this city. Here, you can calmly wander along the streets and parks ,explore architectural masterpieces, taste culinary delights in a cosy restaurant, relax on the well-equipped beaches enjoying the gentle waters of the Black sea, and you can go shopping or to the market, go to the theatre, cinema, Delphinarium ,visit an exhibition, explore the nightlife.

During one day you cannot manage to see and feel half of what's there. And it is not necessary in this wonderful seaside town, you can come here an endless number of times! Especially because Odessa welcomes visitors.

The best hotels in Odessa are always at the tourists’ disposal

Every year southern Palmyra is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists and travelers, business people and tourists, so life goes on, things are humming. And the best hotels of Odessa welcome guests, place them with comfort, feed them with tasty food, serve carefully with all the hospitality of Odessa.

What hotels in Odessa can be considered the best? It all depends on the sense of this phrase, because the notion of "best" is quite subjective. Most likely the best hotels in Odessa are those that repeatedly actually confirmed their aspirations to provide quality services and who hold their positions at the expense of satisfied customers. But there may be other opinions.

Often the category of the best hotels in Odessa includes comfortable 4-star and 5-star establishments that adhere to the most stringent European standards of hospitality and together with impeccable service offer maximum of achievements of modern civilization.

Among the leaders in Odessa there are famous old hotels that are both architectural ornaments of the city and classic examples of long-term traditions of Odessa hospitality. Updated and upgraded, they demonstrate their greatness, providing its guests good service and reception status.

Sometimes the title of the best hotel of Odessa is received from the state and various professional and consumer communities. Professional evaluation criteria are a great incentive for continuous improvement of hotels that strive to meet international standards in the sphere of tourism and hospitality management.

The best hotels in Odessa

Hotel complex Villa le Premier can be definitely considered the best hotel in Odessa by all parameters. Ultra-modern 5-star hotel has the highest level of comfort and belongs to the class of LUXURY (according to the CERTIFICATION ISO 9001). In 2013 it received the title of Laureate of the contest "Odessa’s quality" for the European service and the professionalism of the management. Besides the hotel has only rave reviews from customers and is ready to further expand of the scope of services provided.

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