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Private hotels of Odessa are a special segment of the hospitality industry

Odessa and its inhabitants are famous not only for an excellent sense of humor but also for the ability to surprise and enchant. The mixing of cultures, nationalities, traditions provide the city with a unique flavor and enormous popularity. And it should be noted that the enterprising citizens of Odessa skillfully benefit from it, offering a varied range of services typical of a modern resort town.

Private hotels of Odessa offer cozy and comfortable accommodation for tourists

Private hotels of Odessa are a special segment of the hospitality industry

A special segment of the hospitality industry, which in recent years is growing rapidly, is private hotels in Odessa. It is not surprising in the rapid prosperity of this industry, because private business is a more flexible and responsive thing than a powerful state machine. It faster responds to the needs of customers, offering them exactly what they need in certain circumstances. Nowadays private hotels in Odessa are cozy and quite comfortable establishments.

Today they even cannot be compared with private hotels- pioneers, which arose at the dawn of our country, as an alternative to Soviet hotels, with state set of furniture and primitive accessories with inventory numbers. Times have changed, customers have become more demanding, and the number of hotel establishments increased significantly, providing healthy competition. Now, in order to have guests it is not enough to provide a bed and a roof over their heads, modern conditions dictate more refined rules of the game in the hotel business.

During the time of the Soviet Union there was no such a thing as a private hotel. In Odessa and any other city people, who were travelling for rest or on a business trip had to be satisfied with what was offered by the state or by the hospitable local people. Today, in all Ukrainian cities, especially at the resort, there are private hotels that meet the demands of various social groups. So, in Odessa you can find private hotels ranging from economy class to luxury.

Besides in South Palmyra there are places which are in no way inferior than hotels of Europe. This can be easily seen, if you stay, for example, in a five-star hotel Villa le Premier of LUXURY class, where you will experience all the charms of ultra-modern hotel with luxurious atmosphere and professional service.

Private mini-hotels of Odessa

It is clear that the majority of tourists visiting Odessa, come here not to spend time in the hotel. Captivating southern city-port has many attractions, historical and cultural events, gastronomic delights and entertainments. You can move from one object to another for an endless number of times. It is impossible to study Odessa, you can feel it, and often the most interesting things happen in the streets. So, if you come to Odessa with a cognitive goal for an overnight stay, it is not necessary to choose pompous expensive establishments, especially because small and cozy private hotels of Odessa are always at service for tireless travelers.

Private hotels of Odessa are a special segment of the hospitality industry

Such mini-hotels, as a rule, are fairly well equipped, provide a warm welcome and have quite reasonable prices. The owners care about their reputation, so by all means they strive to make the atmosphere pleasant for visitors so that they will surely come back here again.

It is very encouraging that in most private hotels of Odessa you can feel the master's vein, and this means that there is always order and comfort attentive and friendly staff, the desire to help at any time, the wish to treat guests to delicious dishes, to organize activities, to help to make a trip around the city and many other things. Competition is forcing the owners of private hotels and mini-hotels to equip their abode carefully: to care about the interior, household facilities, technical equipment and all sorts of details. You know, pleasant things often become some of the highlights that attract clients to numerous private hotels of Odessa.

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